Welcome to our site!

We are based in Sheffield and

are the North of England contact.


Siamese and Orientals

that are in need or in danger.

We are OPEN from:

  10am to 5pm Monday - Friday

 10am to 1pm Saturday and Sunday.

Tel: 0114 272 5318


All donations are

gratefully received.


Due to ever increasing costs of running

this Rescue, we are unable to pick cats

up that need rehoming.

It is the owners responsibility

to bring them in to the Rescue.

Also, a donation would be most welcome

to help with increasing costs

that are putting this RESCUE into CRISIS.

Cats for Adoption:

If you wish to adopt a cat from us

you must produce a letter from your vets

confirming you are a responsible owner.

This is in place of home-checks.

All cats are spayed/neutered,

microchipped and vaccinated, and any vet treatment

that they may need at the time they come into Rescue

will be done. 

As we have not been able to go out fund raising,

and the cost of food, litter, fuel,

electricity and vet bills are all rising in price,

we must ask more to keep the rescue running.

The cats are NOT free,

there is a Donation requirement  -


This is NOT refundable.

And Finally ....What If?

What if you go before your Siamese cat?

Have you made adequate provision for him/her in your will

or is there no one you can ask to carry out your wishes for his welfare?

  Siamese Rescue can help you with your decision

by taking over the immediate care and, later on,

finding your cat a suitable new home.

All you need to do is give your Willmaker/Solicitor

your instructions and notify us of your intentions.

  It is also a good idea to make your wishes known to relatives or friends.

  If you can afford a bequest to the Rescue

for the care of your cat we would be grateful,

but taking care of your cats is not dependent on this.

The welfare of your cat will always come first,

before any other considerations.

  Call Pauline on 0114 272 5318 for advice and help or Email.

Friends of Rescue with Kittens

Debbie at Wiccanways Siamese

has some lovely kittens 


Kay at Flutterby Siamese

has some lovely kittens  http://www.flutterbysiamese.com

If you are looking for a cat portrait - look no further than: 

Harriet Bevan Art

Colour pencil artist specialising in cat portraits. Available for commissions. Landscapes and other subjects considered.